Do you live in Abundance?

Close behind concerns regarding health, comes another very popular issue: abundance. When I say abundance, I´m actually referring to the amount of energy that we´re able to concentrate in order to create and manifest in this dimension. Of course money represents a good part of it.

As it happens with health, people’s focus most of the time is not on abundance itself, but on the lack of abundance. This means that most of the thoughts, feelings and acts in the day to day express the lack of abundance and strengthen it. At the same time, people desperately look for some magical formula in order to turn the lack of abundance they are creating into abundance. How about that: you create something and you expect to see the contrary, so you try to turn what you created into the opposite. This is kind of confusing.

The very first thing to understand is that lack of abundance does not exist unless we create it. There is nothing more contrary to the truth of creation than the idea of lack. However, what´s true is that we have the power to create and maintain obstacles on the path of this flow of abundance so that it does not manifest.

This first understanding often leads people to look for some tools in order to remove these obstacles. And yes, these tools are really important and New Paradigm MDT teaches lots of them. Each one chooses what fits best with himself, meditations, energy work, prayers, food, physical exercise, mantras, yantras between them. However, let´s remind something that many students may forget: don´t get lost in the tools, don´t forget the goal, otherwise you´re back to square one, looking for some magical formula to solve a problem that does not exist. Remember, at the end, it´s all a matter of consciousness of how we create.

So, along with clearing these obstacles, how can we enter the consciousness of abundance? Well, it´s always the same story: just doing it, being it, living it. Abundance must be in our thoughts, in our breath, in our actions, in our feeling, in our relationships, in our dreams, in our vibration, in the way we live, in the way we love etc. Think about how it is when we really live in abundance: Are we worried about what´s happening to us? Are we worried about not having enough? Are we worried about how things are coming to us? Are we afraid of doing any mistake? Is any decision that important that we need to spend weeks before deciding? These are only suggestions.

For sure, much further than the tools that the New Paradigm MDT is teaching, this is where this collective consciousness leads us: in the consciousness of integrity. At the end, let´s remember that we are here to enjoy our experience as a creator. So let´s enjoy and let´s create. And whenever we are not happy with the consequences of our creation, let´s take different decisions and create differently. If we always do the same, we can´t expect the result of it to be different. Because creating is not about conditioning the flow of life energy the way we want, but allowing it to flow continuously in the area we want.

Love to all,

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