Did you notice?

With all this buzz for at least 15 years now about 2012, about the change of consciousness, about the global awakening and the Earth’s changes, and with so much information given about this by channels and teachers, it seems there has been almost no time to ask oneself something very important: how will this change occur?

Well, maybe this is because nobody knows exactly, or because the people who know don’t have permission to talk about it, or even because it is impossible to know at this time. Well we can think about everything, and this is what is really interesting at this time: everything IS possible right now.

However, it may be a good exercise to imagine exactly what we are expecting as a change and uplift for the humanity. What will life be about? How do you think that you will feel and live? And this simple exercise has at least two benefits to my sense. The first one is that it is a good opportunity to exercise one’s own creative power. It is no news that imagination is one of the tools we have to create in this dimension and attract whatever we like (or dislike...).

But I see at least a second benefit from this exercise. Well, this may be a personal view but let me share part of my dream, it is very simple: when I think about the consequences of the current shift, I can see and feel the relationship of people between themselves and with Mother Earth completely different from what it is now; I can feel among other things caring, cooperation, unity, sustainability, balance, harmony, abundance, freedom from fear and control.

Well again, there is nothing new about a dream like this that used to be called utopia a few decades ago, but here is the part that is interesting for me: what I just described is how I feel each day a bit more with the people around me, and whenever occurs to me to slip away from this dream, it is each time easier and quicker to get back in it.

So, this is my question: did you notice how your heart chakra is working differently these days? Did you notice how easier it is for love to flow to people that you don’t even know? Did you notice how it is easier to accept new possibilities and to think out of the box? Well I hope you do, and this would mean we are on the same vibe!

So this is my invitation: spare a few minutes of your day to realize that the change IS already happening. On my side, this simple acknowledgement has been not only a relief but also the spark of hope that I needed to really live this change now and to avoid to believe in all that I´m seeing around.

Love to all,
Shamballa on!

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