Light and Shadow

It is not always easy to accept the game of light and shadow within this world. There is a lot of programming at various levels getting us to firmly believe in values like “good” and “bad”. The fact is that, at this time, this world allows us experiencing duality. So, we really won´t be able to escape from the dance of polarities of the manifested energies only by looking at what´s happening and wishing it were different. It would be like somebody enjoying daytime (or night) and praying that it lasted forever.

What this means is that this experience is based on the illusion of change. Truth does not change, it can expand but it cannot turn into illusion. And as we are part of the truth, our essence is immutable too. This is certainly one of the things that the experience of duality helps us with: understanding our real immutable nature, which would be the same as separating the truth from illusions.

Yes we are immutable beings having some time in a constantly changeable environment. And it takes a lot of humor and compassion for us to be here, in order for us NOT to identify with the change. We need to remember and accept our perfection, and this has nothing to do with escaping from our life, or nurturing the ego.

So in this game, we are invited to accept our shadow. I did not say we have to accept that we have imperfections. But we need to accept and integrate the parts of ourselves that are expressing themselves in a limited way, according to a limiting belief system. This acceptation is a necessary step to free ourselves from the consciousness of separation. Why? Because at the same moment that we accept, there is no judgment, but on the contrary, there is integration. It is then a direct expression of the unconditional love that we are, of the truth that we are; no judgment, a pure affirmation that we are all that is. Let´s remember that freedom is to be whole, not to be right.

In order to step out of duality, there is no need to become a saint. But there is surely a need to step out of the consciousness of separation and to acknowledge our integrity within ourselves and with the whole creation. Having a compassionate look at the shadow is to let our light shine upon what is still separated. And there is no shadow that will handle this!

Love to all,

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