The Unified Purpose

Since ages now, we have been taught that humanity is one family, that all of us are one with all that is, all life forms in the universe.
We know this, we understand this. How much do we live it?
At the moment we are on Earth, a kind of challenging context for us to live the reality of unity. Actually, we meet war everywhere and everyday. War is on TV, war is within the family, with the neighbors, with the state, with the survival conditions, with ideals, with religion, with abundance, with life. And I know very few people, if any, who does not have the impression that life is just about this, struggling.

Why do we keep on being at war? Well, there are always many “reasons” for this. The other did this, said that, wants this from me, and life is unfair, and why is God doing this to me… there is always some external source to what we are suffering from.
This is what we call in New Paradigm MDT, giving our power away to somebody or something.

Behind this behavior there is always the belief that the opinion of other people, what they do and all that is happening in life can change what we really are. So, if we are at risk, we need to defend ourselves, and we need to fight back, or attack first, otherwise, what is likely to happen is that we may DIE!!!

Ok, and what about if all this is just an illusion? What about if all that happens in our 3D “life” cannot change what we ARE?
Well, there is maybe a solution to all wars for who is looking in this direction. Stepping back from what is happening around, and remembering that we are permanent Love and Perfection, we may have the courage to forgive the illusion and let the Unconditional Love flow and manifest.

“Dear I AM Presence, I dedicate this day to forgive any illusion I may encounter, and to allow the Love that I am flow and manifest”.

For me this is exactly what
New Paradigm MDT is about, joining this unified purpose and living it.

Love to all,

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