How much do you allow in your life?

Have you ever wondered what was missing in your life in order to be truly happy? Do you have health problems? Money problems? Family problems? Is it difficult to make friends?
Well, the good news is that we deserve to solve all of these problems and to live the happy life that we are dreaming about, but this is not really new. So the real question is if we are allowing ourselves to manifest and live this dream.

There is a tremendous power of creation that is ready within us. This creative power is waiting for the right opportunity to express itself in the manifested world, and the only thing that it can manifest is beauty, love and happiness. However it will only manifest if we allow a space for this creation.
I know very well, the first tendency is to say that life in not easy, that there are always problems to solve, that it depends on so many things and especially on other people, or that we are on earth to learn this and that… Well, this is only our mind creating barriers against our natural happiness and our creative flow. Yes, our mind who is wanting to keep us separate from others and who is telling stories about needing to have some protection in order not to get hurt. This is just self-destruction, fear from doing good or bad, or from what other people may think of us, and this is preventing our creative power to flow.

Whatever the area in our life where we want to manifest a different reality, it only depends on how much we are allowing our divine creative flow to happen.

So let´s not be afraid and let´s relax in order to flow, in order to BE who we truly are. We can learn to remove all of the barriers, the mental ones, the emotional ones, the physical ones, and be the love.
When we are practicing the
New Paradigm MDT meditation, we are learning to become more conscious of these blockages and to allow removing them, fulfilling our entire being with the vibration of pure unconditional love. Why limiting ourselves to the time of the meditation practice? Let´s do this at any time, maintaining our focus on the flow and opening, opening, opening ourselves. We are already perfect. Any change in our manifested life is possible right now. We just need to allow, allow, allow.
Living open, we will BE in this dimension the love and light that we already are in other dimensions, and this is the only thing that we really need to acknowledge here on earth.

Love to all,

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