Are we afraid of perfection?

Life is perfect. The expression of life is perfect. The world where we live is perfect.

Well, I know, this may seem a bit odd. There are so many things we would like to change in the world around us, and in our life.
Ok, I may sound totally crazy. But really I stick to what I´ve said. The world IS perfect. And it’s very important for me to use the present time, and not the future like, the world is going to be perfect, when this and that, and after this and that. Yes, and in this simple affirmation, I also pretend healing my craziness and express my freedom.

The puzzle is quite simple, actually. In his almighty knowledge, God (or whatever name you want to call the principle of life), knows how to create only one thing, that is, perfection which is also love.
So, everything that is, is perfect. This is quite simple actually. Then, comes inevitably the question: “And so, why is there violence, and fear, and death, and hunger, and … and … and….?”
Well, the answer to this is quite simple as well. Not a single part of this actually exists!
Yes, I know, the rational may follow, but the emotional is already screaming “WHAT!?!”
But let’s add one more item to our recipe and we are done. Well, we may perceive a lot of things happening. And as we perceive, we tend to judge them, and to believe in our judgment, which has nothing to do with what happened in itself.

So to sum it up, all that is happening is perfect but, we may or may not recognize it as it is, and may judge it imperfect. Imperfection is born at the same moment!!!! OK, one last question to this may be “Why are all these miseries happening (even if they are not miseries…)?”
This one is easy again, everything is happening because we create it! We are the creators, and our beliefs and thoughts are just as powerful as God’s ones. The only difference is that they don´t really exist when they are not an expression of love. On the contrary, when they are the love we are, they make part of reality, this is what we call co-creation.
And don´t forget that, to perceive something, we need to first believe in it. Believing in only love and perfection, cannot fail in manifesting anything but love and perfection.

So, let´s not be afraid of the world and of what´s happening because, first anything that is not love is not real, and also because this would only strengthen the illusion of fear. Let´s not be afraid of what we´re doing; in any case, the only thing we can really create is love.
Love is the only reality.

All you need is love…chewbidoobidoo…


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