Let´s experience LIFE!

For me, any experience in life has only one purpose: open our eyes and our consciousness to who we truly are.

The way we perceive this experience is a direct consequence of our beliefs and the way our consciousness identifies with them. The more we focus on one belief, the more our consciousness identifies with it. And as a matter of fact, consciousness can be very addicted. For example, when consciousness is addicted to the 3D mind, it believes that 3D is all that is.

In order to feel safe, the 3D mind is looking for control. 3D world is the world of insanity, where concepts of death, fear and anger for example look real. In this world, when everything is under control and following the rules, the next step is predictable, and all the “bad things” are kept away. So, whenever something happens out of this frame, the 3D mind simply freaks out, because losing in 3D means dying.

I´ve personally chosen one way to escape from this mental process: Accepting that perception is binding our consciousness and that what is perceived in 3D is not all that is. Out of the perception of 3D, there are other rules like the following one: nothing can happen to who we really are, we are beings of eternal Love and nothing can change this, death does not exist. Breaking the belief that 3D is all that is and opening our consciousness to this other reality is what we call expansion.

New Paradigm MDT presents many tools to become more conscious of our binds, and helps us breaking them down, understanding they don´t exist unless if we believe in them. As an example: when are we best able to release a belief? When we are deeply in Love. In this state of being, everything is possible (everybody has already gone through this, I hope…). The reason for this is that when in love, we are in line with who we are, the Creator. And the Shamballa energy helps us to be in love with LIFE, to be in love with ourselves, to be in love with all and to release all the beliefs.

And whenever getting out of balance, out of this love, I try my best to remember that everything is an illusion, like a play, a production of old beliefs, and that any suffering is but an addiction to illusion, a wish to make it real. When we are that tense and caught into illusion, we need to know how to relax, how to open the grip. On my side, I find that laughing is one of the best ways to do it and to remember that this is only a play, that reality is immutable, and that reality is Love.

All this may seem a set of rules to follow, and this may be associated with rigidity. But on the contrary, I like to see it as a natural flow. This is not a mind process but a way of being. It´s about letting the love flow naturally at the same time as we incorporate our role, the one we chose in the play, and we can be whoever we want by the way. And because we are following this flow, we know exactly what to do and when to do it.

So, let´s have fun, enjoy the play and experience LIFE.

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