The official workshops: New Paradigm MDT Basic and 13D, transformation through the energies of Shamballa

Participating in the New Paradigm Multidimensional Transformation workshops, opens a window for a new way of life.
Problems in everyday life, at work, in relationships, related to abundance and so on, are mainly nurtured by a lack of understanding of the fundamentals of such events in life, and a lack of effective tools to overcome one´s personal difficulties.
During the New Paradigm MDT workshops, everyone has an opportunity to realize how valuable he is, and how beautiful life is when self-esteem is balanced.
However strong this experience may be, it is not enough, as most of the difficulty is to sustain our aha moments even though life is challenging.
This is the reason of the tools, the meditations, the cleanings, the activations, as to help changing the vibration pattern, the mental pattern, the emotional pattern, the physical pattern, and having more room to realize who we are and enjoy it.
These tools are not the target of the New Paradigm MDT path. They are what they are, tools.
Very soon, one feels anchored in his own personal power, doesn´t need tool any more, and only lives and loves.

Spiritual teachers like Master Germain, Vywamus, and lots of others are helping to break through the illusion and create love in life, along these workshops channeled by John Armitage.

New Paradigm MDT workshops are without a doubt, an unforgettable turn in life for whoever participates.

As of now, we teach the following courses, certified by the School of Esoteric Sciences:

New Paradigm MDT Basic Master: 2 days
First contact with the Shamballa energy and with energy work. A workshop that explains clearly the basis of the Ascension path, the essential kit to overcome obstacles and to be sure to fully integrate each step. It's a very practical workshop that teaches a very simple way of meditating, with a lot of applications in areas like personal transformation, healing, abundance etc., that can be used for oneself or to give support to other people in their path.

New Paradigm MDT 13D Master: 5 days
For people who liked the Basic workshop, this brand new one goes way further in terms of expansion of consciousness. It's the most innovative energy work available these days, with all the necessary tools to complete and integrate the path of Ascension on Earth.
The workshop allows, between other realizations, to re-activate one's original DNA potential, to fully activate one's MERKABA consciousness and LIGHTBODY, to integrate the Keys of ENOCH and the METATRONIC CODES, to activate one's full channeling abilities and much more.
This workshop is the passport for whoever wants to enter active service to humanity and be a beacon of Uncondicional Love on Earth.

For workshop organization around the world:

Philippe Reynaud

Philippe Reynaud, born in France, living in Brazil since 2004.
Holistic therapist working with Vibrational Therapy, Ayurveda, Acupuncture, Yoga and Tai Chi Chuan, moderating a study group of A Course in Miracles, facilitating New Paradigm MDT workshops.

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